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Mexican Free Tail bats

  • Nationally recognized Marshall Hanks has pioneered the "Bat Proofing" of comercial and residentual structures for more than 35 years. With the knowledge and experience gathered over time, Marshall and his sons have solved peoples bat problems in nearly every corner of the United States. Bat problems are not a problem for these guys.
  • With a deep love and appreciation for these tiny creatures, Marshall had designed and developed the "EX 100 Excluder" that will allow the bats to leave unharmed but not return. The "Excluder" is strickly one-way. At the same time all other existing openings that the bats are Not using will be permanently sealed. This way the bats in homes and other buildings simply go out to feed at night and cannot return. Please take a moment to read "How it all started".
  • Whether bat problems have been giving people trouble in small cabins, Bats in Schools, Court Houses, Football or Baseball Stadiums, Hospitals, Hotels, Warehouse Buildings, Parking Garages, Light Houses, Town Homes or High rises, the Hanks family has completely put an end to there bat problems. They have built a solid reputation on honesty, hard work and a determination to overcome any obstacle they may encountered on a project.
  • Experience and a good reputation runs deep here. With a combined experience of about 80 years and the latest technology and equipment, no job is to great or small and always backed up with a complete written Guarantee.
  • If your having bat problems in Wisconsin or any other state around the country give the Specialists in this field a call. If you have bat in your home or bats in your stadium or if the bat guano needs to be removed, give us a call.

Give us a call for all your Residential or Commercial Bat Proofing needs: Andy Hanks 1-920-743-9049. 

Things to remember: Do your homework when choosing a company to solve your bat problems. Over the years there are too many "Fly by Night" people who use scare tactics to talk someone into having work done. Or there are those who claim to know what they are doing but do not have the reputation nor experience to back it up. Be sure you ask: "Just exactly who is it that will be doing our work?" Or "Are you the actual person who will come and solve my bat problem with a Guarantee?" You may be talking to a middle-man or some company who claims to be nationwide who in fact just uses unqualified "subcontractors" to seal openings on your structure, then everyone wants a cut of Your money. Also, Always ask for references that are comparable to the size job you may have. And remember - If someone says they have to come first look at your house in order to give a price, Beware. They may want to 'feel the thickness of your drapes' or another words get a feeling on how high of a price they can charge. Some want to get a feel of how much of a panic you are in because of this problem. Others are looking for only those few easy jobs. If you know 1/2 of what your supposed to about bat proofing  you do not need to look at the average house first!  


Guano clean up after Bat Proofing a "castle" in New Mexico. The bats left approximately 2 1/2 tons of guano. This is some great fertilizer. Yes the bats really left a big mess. This picture was taken after the guano from the attic was dropped through the attic hatch where it was then put into bags.