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Andy Hanks - Door County Pest Control

"I would like to start out by giving my approval to everything said on this site. Also I would like to take this time to Thank him for all his time and hard work he put into this Bat Proofing Profession. Due to his efforts and a conservationist our family has a total of 80 years in the Bat Proofing business. When I was young I remember traveling around from town to town with him while he helped people solve thier bat problems. The time was always well spent when I traveled with my father. He not only taught us this trade but also the importance of being a good communicator, a hard worker, honesty, reliable and dependable."
"I look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with him on many more projects in the future. This web-site is nice but does not do justice to the wonderful character of my father. We have encouraged him many times to write a book about all the experiences and funny stories he encountered over the years. Maybe someday."

Thank You,



Tim Hanks - Owner/Operator of Commercial Bat Control in
San Antonio, TX

"Even though we are 1300 miles apart, our bat proofing work is still done with my dad's methods. I thank him for all the training and support over the past 28 plus years. When people think of bat control, they think of the "Hanks" family. Over 70 years of combinded service, we are still going strong."

Thanks Dad.

Tim Hanks, Commercial Bat Control


Marshall and Andy Hanks giving a power point presentation to a community group of participants associated with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College


'Educating and haveing possitive discussions about bats is key to helping people to put away their fears and rather come to appreciate and understand these wonderful creatures'.