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Bats love to stop and take a break from their feeding during the night and hang in their favorite spots. Unfortunately, that "spot" is many times someone's porch area because it's safe and out of the weather for them. A build up of urine and guano can stain the siding as the picture above shows.


Homes or building that have housed many bats for many years can get an odor problem from the build up of urine and guano on the roof rafters in the attic as shown above.


Large castle in the southern part of the United States.


This here is Andy Hanks at age 11 now Owner/Operator of Wissota Bat Proofing. Andy has been dealing with bats and bat problems for most of his life. "I loved to travel with my dad all around the country watching him solve peoples bat problems. Now my young son says the same thing."


This collage stadium had a large bat problem. The bats were causing a bad smell for the fans. 


Lake Alice bat house in Gainsville, Florida. About 4000 bats were safely excluded from 4 large stadiums and placed in their new home in 1991. Now houses about 100,000.


This is Marshall Hanks along with actor Michael Keaton, better known as "Batman". Marshall traveled out to meet  Mr. Keaton in Montana and to solve his bat problems he had there in 2006.

The question remains: Who is the real Batman?



Samford Hall Alburn Alabama. One of several buildings batproofed for the Alburn University


Historical building at Auburn University, Auburn Alabama is now bat free.


This is a view from underneath the Lake Alice bat house.