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Bats entering through ridge cap
Removal of cap and wired closed after bats excluded

Above is the picture of a house that had a very bad ridge cap. When the cap gets brittle or comes off the roof at all, bats will enter directly into attic area. In this case the bats had to be excluded first. Then the old cap removed and opening wired closed. Then new cap installed.


This picture illustrates a very common problem on homes with a cedar shake roof systems. After the first row of capping is removed you can see how the tar paper lays on top of the next row. Cedar shakes are intended to have gaps in-between. The roofers did a good job, but as far as bats are concerned they go right undernieth tar paper between gaps and enter directly into the attic are. 


This photo further shows the issue highlighted in the picture in upper right. When tar paper is raise you can see directly into attic. The only way to correct this issue is to remove ridge cap, wire closed and replace with new capping.

click here to play video of a problem when bats get under ridge caps

The short video above is another ridge cap problem. In this case the home did not have an attic space, for it was all cathedral ceilings. During the summer months there were a few hundred bats living in this small area thus leaving the home owner with a very intense odor problem. The roofing needed to be removed about 3 feet below cap and gauno needed to be remove and area be disinfected and deodorized. 


Bats love to use the area where the soffit will meet another roof. In this case the evidence is clearly seen by the dark smearing left behind by the bats.


Barns are known to house large colonies of bats. This barn had a colonie of a few hundred. In the fall of 2014, after the bats had left for the season, we bat proofed it completely. 


Bat guano. Most building will never see such quantity. However in some cases over many, many years it can add up.


Sometimes we had to improvise.This was made over 25 years ago just for the building below. The areas that the bats were using was unreachable by any boom truck due to the large swimming pool below. 


Many people wonder Why bats are so noisy? Bats have a small hook called a 'Thumb' on the wing. They use this to pull themselves along across many surfaces. On slippery areas like in your soffits one bat can make alot of noise.


Safe and effective. Now the guest enjoy a bat-free building.