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Green Bay Packers running back Ahman Green, nickname "Batman", had hopes of talking Marshall into letting his "Batman" license plates go. But these plates have been passed on from one Bat-mobile to another over the years.


This Light House on a remote island in northern Lake Michigan had a large bat problem. Bats in these places are common.


Infestation of bats in this Lodge in the Rocky Mountains was not a favorite with the guests. The bat problem was getting out of control. The resort is now bat free.


One of his sons, Andy, Working on the beautiful islands in Up State New York in the "Thousand Island" region. The bat problem was soon taken care of. Bat problems may cause a home owner alot of stress.


A group of "Large Brown" bats hanging on the outside of a home in northern Minnesota during the month of December. The strange part was it had been -10 degrees for that whole week. Andy Hanks recieved the call and traveled there to see it in order to believe it. The bats were transferred to Wisconsin's Wildlife Sanctuary for care over the winter and released in the spring.


This 6 story parking garage recently housed several thousand bats. The bat guano was causing a bad odor. Bat guano removal was then started. Now the owners are enjoying it bat-free.


Andy Hanks/Wissota Bat Proofing here working at a coal mining plant in Montana. These bats were living in the offices as well as the large commercial buildings on the site.


Bat problems even on the U.S.A / Canada boundary waters. Bats in homes can be found anywhere so bat control may be needed anywhere as well.


Andy Hanks and Marshall Hanks teamed up on this old historical home in Idaho in April 2006. This home was the first in the state of Idaho to have electricity. Age, size, shape and distance is not an obstacle for solving someones bat problems. "This was a beautiful home and wonderful people to work for."


This is between two rafters in the attic of the picture to the left. There were so many bats over many, many years of roosting here that the urine began to form stalactites through out the attic. This area is about 3 inches wide by 6 feet long. After the bats were excluded, these were removed and sealed for odor reasons. Then a bat guano clean up took place.